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Relief and Reflection Relief and Reflection

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I love your music so much.

CzeryWassierSwizier responds:


GA - Stoner Tears GA - Stoner Tears

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Hey bro could I use your song in my video please?

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smasher501 responds:

Hey man yeah I got your PM, sure thing :)

Mystics Voice Demo Mystics Voice Demo

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Impressive! I favorited you. I'm making an animated series and I'd love to use your voice when it's further in production! Let me know if you're interested. I am also making another animation prior. I'll be needing a ren, stimpy, shaggy, scooby, dag, norbit (angry beavers), beavis, butthead, doug, babs bunny, and freakazoid. drop me a line!

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Scratch Me A Beat--_-- Scratch Me A Beat--_--

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: D

I like this!