Entry #165

Want me to keep making cartoons?

2013-04-02 21:00:15 by Jae

pass it around for me plz
http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cartoon-cyborg /x/1342779


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2013-04-02 21:31:57

u sexual god


2013-04-02 21:42:22

I wish I had money to give you dood,
your stonermation is the best ever.


2013-04-02 22:33:58

I bet is cut down on weed, youd have half of that amount easy


2013-04-03 00:05:05

It's something I have to sleep on. I like throwing my money at the screen just because, but since im currently unemployed I can't throw money at the screen. Otherwise i'd probably throw $20, and I dont even like you that much.


2013-04-03 00:51:38

Do you think that a good "marketability" is one of "12 unrelated cartoons"? I imagine that a larger image to work towards would pull a larger supporting crows. Especially something that you could pitch in a 3 minute video. I promise I'm not being negative or anything, I would just like to know your thoughts.



2013-04-03 05:01:10

Dude,although I don't have the money right now,I will make sure to share your campaign to other people.I really want to buddy you someday....


2013-04-03 06:06:39

Jae, if you don't make it be ready to pick it back up later < - strings attatched


2013-04-03 13:10:58

get a job you bum


2013-04-03 15:27:42

u should, got no monies though XD


2013-04-03 19:04:06

Jae has a job.. Hes an animator. I'll ask again, do you take paypal donations?

Jae responds:

Yes I do! Thanks for the thought! My paypal is jae@cartooncyb.org although there are rewards on the indiegogo!


2013-04-03 23:12:28

This is one STD I don't mind sharing

p.s. make more plungerdog thanks


2013-04-04 09:02:20

good luck dude! gave ya a bit ;)

Jae responds:

sam youre the man and an awesome pal!!