Entry #149

Cartoon Cyborg Stream!

2013-01-11 14:39:04 by Jae

I'm makin' cartoons like it aint nobody's business! However, it is your business if you click this link to my livestream! Come watch me animate: http://livestream.com/jaetheanimator . Be there or be square or be circle.

I entered the konami code into flash!
- 55555

Screenshot: Phil is shooting himself in the knee on accident! What a rascal!

Cartoon Cyborg Stream!


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2013-01-11 21:19:26

jae you are my favorite stoner ever, maybe even morerer than ching or chong


2013-01-11 21:37:28

I missed you


2013-01-12 04:07:34

You are my favorite alternative to stoning ever. If I was actually a stoner, I wouldn't be, because I'd be stoned on wacky frame-by-frame line art.