Entry #139

Cartoon Cyborg Stream!

2012-12-12 20:29:34 by Jae

I am going to beat an old Castlevania 3 (NES) for my new series! Come watch @ http://livestream.com/jaestoned (camera 2 @ http://livestream.com/jaetheanimator )


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2012-12-12 21:22:41

really dude? "lets play"?


2012-12-12 22:31:05

Nothing wrong with "Let's Play" as long as it's done correctly, which it isn't, most of the time.


2012-12-13 00:05:26

Its just that I used to watch his streams to watch him animate.

ah well.

Jae responds:

I am still animating! I am just not allowed to show what I'm working on right now so I am showing video games instead! I am using this footage to get better at editing so I can be a better director in general!

Right now I am freelancing so my animation streams are on hiatus


2012-12-13 03:54:47

Hey man, yeah what he said below, plus, are you still animating??

Jae responds:

see below <3