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I want to talk to you about animation. Message me. We can teach each other animation skills.

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i have a boner

lol keep it away from my face

You should save your front page posts for the days when you release new cartoons, it proves effective

bah its no big!

Jae, let me have your vagina faced children...

lol im a lesbian

What a tool you are. I have SONGS with more views than some of your videos - no exaggeration.. Now get away from me and don't bother my promotion efforts any more. I am looking for like minded people to collaborate with and make some extra money.

yeah all you care about is money bro. thats the problem!

You're spending all day watching my vids to put on fucked up comments about my family and threatening to murder me and shit, lol. You are spending more effort than he ever has promoting your "music" and "voice talent" to bash me. Well here's to you john dean! Thanks for the views and there is now a long list of animators that will never hire you. Not that they ever would have to begin with. You're a hack and a troll!


COPYPASTA from his review on my vid, "Face Vagina" after telling him his promoting schemes are fucked up:
look at this guy's user page! He's been trolling all of my vids!
LINK: http://senatorjohndean.newgrounds .com/news/post/729898#comments
LINK: http://youtube.com/senatorjohndea n
Also heres an email he sent to me 2 time this week and mass emailed many other animators I know:

"Bringing your attention this way.
Top audio producer on the site (current #2 popular audio) and professional voiceover artist. My reel.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/l isten/483985
Reference on the site: JerrodStorm.
I only require 10% of the ad revenue for 1 voice, 15% for multiple voices. Full studio for sound efx, pro mic quality and background/ambient noise or music if you need it.
Rock on.
SJD (chris)"


10-15% for voice work?... Who are you, again? Are you fucking nuts? Can't you see the other people do it for free? ... I'm doing it for free for others. You've literally trolled all of my accounts on multiple sites because you can't accept being told your promotion schemes are fucked up. Hilarious. Once you understand what hard work is, then start trying to earn your spot the hard way. I know none of my animation friends will be using your "services". If you want to voice act for someone just because you want money you're doing it for the wrong reasons. You have no passion. I know people who want to be in cartoons just because they like cartoons. I mainly had a problem with you mass emails to people though. Don't act like you're everyones biggest fan in your mass emails. But first off, don't spam people. That's a lazy way of promoting yourself. Now you're spending all your time bashing me instead of trying to find out how to fix your game plan. I would change my name and start over if I were you. You are acting like scum!

Damn. You're really productive.